Jetson Nano Real-Time Rotation

Hello! I am looking at a Jetson Nano for our product development, but want to ensure it’s a capable device before going forward.

We basically only need it to perform one action at this time:
The ability to rotate a video input by the single degree in real time and output it to a monitor via HDMI out. The image needs to rotate with low latency based on accelerometer data incoming through UART. The video input will likely be an Elgato HD60S capture card. (The reason we are looking at Jetson is for future expansion into object detection etc.)

Can this be accomplished with a Jetson Nano in preferably Python or C/C++? If so, can someone point me in the right direction? I have seen many topics regarding image rotation but very view of these methods allow for real-time manipulation of the angle.

Any and all help appreciated! Thanks!

You may find some way to do that from here:

You may have to first extend image into a greater resolution so that rotation won’t hide corners if these are significant.
Once you can rotate the way you want, you may have to derive your own gstreamer plugin from nvivafilter (or nvvidconv) and add a dynamically settable property for dynamically providing your wanted rotation angle.

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