Jetson NX. wrong time after reboot


Hi all,
i’m facing a problem on my jetsons NX about time\clock. Basically, i lost the correct time indication after disconnetion of power supply. I thought there is already installed a backup battery to keep memory about that, but seems not.
Searching on this forum i found that there is a slot for this purpose, but i have to solder the housing of the battery and this is somenthing that i’d like to avoid.
So the question is:
How to get the time perfectly alligned also after a power disconnection ? RTC battery is the only solution or can i fix with coding?
Ps: jetson have to work off-line, so getting info from internet after reboot is not possible.
Thanks for support,

RTC battery is the only solution.

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thank you Trumany for your clear reply. Based on that, i hope future version will implent as standard the housing for the battery. Inexpensive for nvidia, a boring and risk activities for users.

after installing RTC battery i don’t know how to be sure if it works. There is a “cool way” to test it different by turning off jetson for a while ?
with timedatectl i get this:

My purpose is to have ever the right date\time after switch off\on without internet, i have to configure something else ? RTC in local : no it’s ok ?
Sorry but with the lens can’t find the right answer for jetson NX, like for NX isn’t needed to install diode because is already present.

You can check if diode D4 is mounted on board, if it exists, then only need to add a RTC battery for that.

You can just power off board for a while and then power on again to check the date/time.

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