Jetson Xavier system date and time resets to Jan, 28 after each reboot.

After each reboot my Jeston Xavier resets system date and time to what I assume is factory default: 2018 Jan, 28 00:00. Is there anything I could do about it myself?

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Normally this is updated at each boot via the NTP protocol on ethernet. If networking isn’t available at boot, then this would be one reason why NTP would fail. In other cases firewalls get in the way.

Do you have networking available at each boot? Is there any kind of proxy or firewall involved with your network?

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Actually, our Xavier doesn’t have this problem. We just tested powering it off for 8 hours and it still maintains its clock. It looks like there’s a small RTC clock backup battery (or supercap) installed on DevKit PCB (C512?), maybe it went bad on your kit? Check the photo attached.

You can try to fix/replace backup battery/supercap first, and if not successful, then maybe add an external RTC, like DS3231 commonly added to Raspberry Pi boards?



Sorry to resurrect the topic, but do you know how much time the battery should hold usually?

I’m using 2 machines and it seems they can preserve date-time only for few minutes/hours after shutdown.

I couldn’t tell you how long this should work, but it seems a few minutes or hours is far too short. I have units I’ve left unplugged for weeks and they’ve had correct date/time.


I have the same problem in Xavier NX