RTC battery replacement

When Xavier reboots, the date resets to 2018-01-29.
I think it’s because RTC battery doesn’t work.
Can I replace RTC battery?

How long did you find this time reset happen after reboot? In fact, it should be able to keep a while even no backup battery.

RTC cap/battery can be replaced, as you can see it is C512 on board.

Time reset happened just after reboot.

Could you tell me how to buy a new RTC battery, and how to replace it?

The question is how long the system was off before time reset.
I think the default devkit actually uses a supercap, not a battery. So, as long as it has been on, and been plugged in, it should keep time for a few weeks.

The system was off for one day. I shutdown the Xavier and the date was reset when I turned it on next day.

If only one day off, it seems abnormal. You can measure the voltage of super cap (C512) to confirm if it is full charged and can keep at about 2.5V for long enough. If can’t, you can try some other super cap / battery to confirm if it’s super cap issue.