DateTime not saved after long power out

Date and time are not saved after power out 2 days. We checked RTC battery capacitor, it is 2.14V. Should we change the battery? I set systemd-tymesyncd.service active to ON, but it doesn’t help. For our application the correct time&date is vey critical.

You can select a big battery/capacitor for more time keeping request.

Does it mean that AGX Xavier development board has RTC battery with low capacitor? We have 10 AGX Xavier development boards. So we have to change battery for all boards… There is no another solution?

The super cap on devkit carrier board P2822 is a 80000uF cap (C512). Your test already validated it could only keep 2 days, if you want more time keeping, a bigger cap or battery is necessary.

Thanks you a lot for response

Dear support,
Could you pls send us Power Consumption per day in microAmper Units for AGX Xavier and send us an example for RTC buttery calculation if we want to save time for week/month.