JAGXi RTC issue

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I am using a Jetson AGX industrial (JAGXi) and I try on my own custom board and the carrier dev kit and the default is the same : the discharge is really fast on the supercap (go to 3.3V to 1.4V in 5min on your carrier board). It is the same on my own board. It is like the consumption when the Vin is unplug/off is very high.

I have tried different option on " */galen/kernel-dts/common/tegra194-spmic-p2888-0001.dtsi"

backup-battery {
				backup-battery-output-resister = <100>;
				status = "okay";
				backup-battery-charging-current = <100>;
				backup-battery-charging-voltage = <3000000>;
So first i have increased the "backup-battery-charging-current" to 800µA due to the fact that the JAGXi is loading VCC_RTC output current is between 418µA and 683µA
Then the discharge is too high and i am losing the date/time

This happen only on JAGXi, when I plug the JAGX on my own carrier board or on dev kit it is working perfectly.
I am using a supercap of 4F and 2.5V.

So how can i reduce the discharge on VCC_RTC please ?

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The RTC part power consumption of AGXi in power off mode is typical 418uA and up to 683uA, that is much higher than AGX.

Hello Trumany,

Thanks for the reply. So if I resume, there is no solution on AGXi to reduce the consumption now or later …

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