RTC power consumption and supported Battery type in Jetson AGX Xavier commercial module

There are a few threads saying The AGXi’s RTC consumes ~400uA, but AGX only ~2uA? Is this true? Why it is not in official datasheets or other document?

Why none-rechargeable lithium battery, like CR2032, are not listed in the supported battery type in the datasheets? Can we use this type? Do we need to turn off the PMIC charging circuit? How?

It is in the offical datasheet: Jetson AGX Xavier Series Module Data Sheet

As said in the data sheet, the following backup cells may be used, so the non-rechargeable battery is ok too:
Super Capacitor (gold cap, double layer electrolytic)
Standard capacitors (tantalum)
Rechargeable Lithium Manganese cells

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