Jetson Orin Nano developer kit fan header

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I’ve been looking through the documentation for the orin nano devkit and our application requires a custon cooling solution for this device. The fan header listed in the docs is a Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd., Part # 2WBA2542WVC-F-04PNLBT1N00G. However when searching this connector I get a 2.54mm pitch connector that does not match the smaller connector present on the orin dev kit. Can anyone confirm the connector on the orin nano devkit and also the mating connector I will need to attach an alternate fan.


Hi, it should be Aces Electronics, Part # 50275-00471-003 which mates with 50276 series. The 2WBA2542WVC-F-04PNLBT1N00G is for nano. The Orin nano doc will be updated, thanks.

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