Jetson Orin Nano SDK 6.0 micro sd boot Error

I flashed an SD card with JetPack 5.13 to start my Jetson Orin Nano and then update its firmware to boot with another SD card flashed with SDK 6.0. I’m getting the error shown in the image and it’s impossible to start the Jetson. Interestingly, on the other card that had SDK 5.13, I reflashed it to install SDK 6.0, and this SD card is 64 GB and the device starts without problems. The issue is that I need to use the 256 GB SD card due to space requirements. What can I do?

This means the SD card is corrupted.
Please format it again and flash the image.

I have formatted and re-flashed the unit many times.

Does this mean that the card is defective for this purpose? On the other hand, I have seen similar questions answered by indicating that the unit should be flashed with SDK Manager. Is this an alternative?

Get another SD card and flash with SDK Manager.