Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit wont't boot JetPack 6.0 using SD Card Image Method

I followed simple instuctions to set up developer kit (Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Getting Started | NVIDIA Developer) and can’t get Jeston to boot latest JetPack 6.0 using SD Card Image Method.
When I power it up it only shows one screen (attached) and then screen goes black and nothing happens.

When I perform exactly the same procedure using JetPack 5.1.3 it boots up normally and everything works fine.

What could be the problem?

The bootloader on Jetpack5 may not be fully compatible with Jetpack6.

Sdcard image only provides a rootfs to boot, but does not change the bootloader software.

You can flash your board with sdkmanager jetpack6 once and your sdcard image would work after that.

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Alternatively, you can now update the bootloader/firmware just with Jetson, without using the host Ubuntu PC.
You can check out the instructions here.

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