Jetson Sleep Mode


I have a few questions regarding the Jetson Nano deep sleep mode. These are:

  1. When the jetson is in deep sleep mode can any of the GPIOs or PCIe pins be driven high? Or does the standard power supply sequencing apply

  2. Can the Jetson be woken up (from deep sleep) from the PCIe wake pin?

  3. To confirm (I’ve seen a few mentions online) the deep sleep mode consumes ~200mW?

  4. When the jetson Orin Nano carrier board is powered down can a powered ethernet system be connected to it? Or will this damage the SOMs MDI pins?

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

  1. No. The pins with ‘wake’ function can wake Jetson up from SC7 mode, you can find the ‘wake’ pins in pinmux sheet.
  2. It depends on if the pin is ‘wake’ pin.
  3. It is about ~300mW - ~400mW for Orin nano module.
  4. It depends on the port design. It is OK if the powered pins are not connected to the pins of module directly.

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