How to use SLEEP/WAKE* PIN

I wonder how to use SLEEP/WAKE* (pin_240).
If i control it high or low, system goes to sleep or wake?

There is a Deep Sleep Mode(SC7) on the Jetson Nano.
But it looks those are not related to SLEEP/WAKE* pin.
SLEEP/WAKE* pins is none of wake sources.
Power Button is looks like pin 237 (POWER_EN).

hello sumin.lee,

please refer to developer guide, Chipset Power States.
you may put device enter suspend, $ sudo systemctl suspend
and, there’re available sources to awakened from deep sleep.

Thanks, @JerryChang.

I already read it, I can’t find the information about SLEEP/WAKE* pin on that page.
There is 6 wake sources.

  • Power Button (It looks pin 237, not the pin 240)
  • RTC alram
  • Micro USB cable hotplug
  • USB remote wakeup
  • Wake on LAN
  • SD card detection

And Jetson goes to sleep mode by command on software.

So, now I wonder what is the SLEEP/WAKE* Pin.
Why is it exist?, What is the function of it?
I couldn’t fully understand the role of SLEEP/WAKE*.


The power button is pin 237 on the wake source.
I wonder the function of pin 240 as i asked.

please also access Jetson Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board for reference, you should also check the schematic of P3449 for details.