Jetson TK1 as I2C Slave/Peripheral

Hello all.

I have a microcontroller that can operate as either master or slave, but it interfaces with some other devices that only operate as slave devices, so I’d like to keep my microcontroller in its master configuration, and operate the TK1 as a slave of that microcontroller.

Has anyone tried configuring the TK1 as the slave or peripheral device for I2C communication? Is such a configuration supported, or even possible for the Jetson, or any OS used by the TK1? Thanks for any help or direction that anyone can provide.

If I2C slave does not work in very high speed, I suggest you can write a GPIO-simulated I2C slave driver for your purpose.


Hi, and thanks for your reply. I don’t know how to get the Jetson TK1 to operate as an I2C slave at all. I don’t mind if it works at a slow speed.

Do you know how to configure the TK1 for I2C slave operation?


If you use GPIO to simulate i2c, you can read GPIO pin level in driver and decode the I2C transactions. I think there are a lot of related pages in internet.