Jetson TK1 unable to boot

Hello Guys,
I get recently(on Friday) my Jetson :D, but my surprise was (when I connect it to the DC plug, HDMI and keyboard), that linux was unable to boot. It stops at boot step:
tegradc tegradc.1: normal-pclk:148500000 parent:594000000 div:4.0 pclk:148500000 147015000~161865000
Any suggestion will be helpful.

I have two Jetson TK1s,which could not boot. I asked for RMA service…

Since it is mentioning pixel clock (pclk), it could simply be the external monitor and/or setup. Using an actual HDMI or DVI helps, as it allows the system to know about the monitor…VGA cables would possibly fail like this just because the system doesn’t know what is connected.

Does the serial port also stop? This is the real test as to whether it works…serial port should be 100% reliable even if video fails.

I was busy, but when I tried it yet, I connect the device to HDMI on Samsung TV. There was no VGA cable nor interface connected. The serial port is not ready in state when the message appear on the screen and therefore it doesn’t work (I just tried putty session with speed 9600).

Serial port speed should be 115200.

You should also update to the latest 19r3 release, if you haven’t yet done so.

I’m encountering this issue as well, which started after I flashed 19r3. I tried flashing back to 19r2 as well, same problem.

I’ve tried swapping HDMI cables, as well as monitors.

tegradc tegradc.1: nominal-pclk:15401200 parent:462000000 div:3.0 pclk:154000000 152471880~167873080

Anyone having similar issues find a solution, or should I RMA away?

Does serial console still work? Are there any adpaters being used, or is this HDMI-to-HDMI? If serial console works, what is the output of:

get-edid | parse-edid

I am also facing the same issue after flashing 19R3 to my Jetson TK1. Don’t have a null modem cable on me right now but trying to get one. I also see some lines in the boot output on the lines of “HDMI connected then disconnected” so certainly seems like a HDMI issue.

The funny thing is the Jetson worked perfectly out of the box before I flashed it. I flashed it with stock kernel and root filesystem from the Nvidia developer website.

Wow, I feel a little silly saying this, but I realized that this was entirely error on my part when flashing.

sudo ./ -S 8GiB jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

I was typing mmcblk0pl, which has obvious ramifications! Had I simply copy/pasted, I would have saved myself a few hours of headaches.

Suppose for a moment that something interferes with HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort gaining DDC/EDID information (the wire queried for monitor settings). This would mean that your monitor now behaves like an older 9 15 pin D-Sub VGA monitor (or an LVDS touch screen), since these monitors pre-date DDC/EDID. The system could not adapt to the monitor settings anymore…it doesn’t matter if the query failed because you have an old VGA monitor or if it failed because an HDMI-to-VGA adapter was used or if the cable was just bad quality. The monitor would still work if it happens that the first mode Jetson tries is a video mode the monitor works with. The same kernel and the same software, if rearranged in load order, might actually change which video mode it tries first…of course if it has no knowledge of what is connected, it won’t try anything else and it won’t know this doesn’t work.

At this point you verify if DDC/EDID information is reaching Jetson…if not, then you check cables, adapters, so on…if you can’t do anything about missing DDC/EDID, then you must manually configure your X11 to blindly go into a mode which this monitor works with. Ahhh…the good old days of VGA!

One can use this from serial console to tell what is going on with DDC/EDID:

get-edid | parse-edid

…probably requires installing package read-edid.

Better report that font as a bug! The ‘l’ glyph and the ‘1’ glyph sometimes branch to the wrong eyeball decoder…

I did submit a ticket, we’ll see how/if it get’s addressed. Still chuckling a bit over how silly it seems, but hey, just goes to show layer 8 errors are serious business!

Hi all. I am facing the same issue with the Jetson TK1 out of the box.

I followed the instructions for starting it up - connect HDMI (direct, no converter), USB keyboard with dock for mouse and then power it up. The Jetson turns on, fan spins, and bootloading sequence begins, but it gets stuck and the OS doesn’t boot. I tried different screens and also with a vga converter, with no success, basically the same result.

See details in this image of the output on the display:

Is there any solution to this?

Don’t post the same message to multiple threads. I answered the other thread already.


I had a similar error of stuck during boot after a flash. I noticed that I had made the mmcblk0pl instead of mmcblk0p1 error as well and I reflashed the device again using the correct instruction. However, now, the device won’t show anything on screen. It powers up but nothing shows up on a connected HDMI monitor.

Also, does the monitor and other peripherals need to be connected while the flashing is going on? Because I flashed the device only by when it was connected to power and to my linux desktop using the micro-USB to USB cable.


It should be enough to have only the micro-USB and power connected.

If you connect the ethernet cable, can you log in with ssh (the IP depends on your network setup)?

It’s always a good idea to connect the serial cable to see what’s happening if you are unable to otherwise access the system.