Jetson TX1 doesn't want to boot up without pressing the power button


I see in the documentation that the Jetson TX1 is supposed to power on when the AC adapter is plugged in the electrical outlet and in the Jetson. Why is it not working for me? I really need the Jetson to boot when the power is on it, without having to press the power button. Any clue?? Urgent matter!! Thanks.


Your answer might be in here:

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I’ve seen this post before (power-on-autostart), but I have found that the answer was incomplete and the solution seemed quite complicated. We finally found out where we could plug something to use instead of the power button (which is quite unclear in the documentation!).

So, for people who might need to do the same, if you jump the J6 (Power swith header), it does the same thing as pressing the power button. As mentionned in the documentation, you need to wait a little bit on power up before sending the signal to close J6, to make sure the VDD_IN has minimum 5 V. And then you have to make sure that you close J6 for a laps of time between 300ms and 5 sec. Since we can have easily access to a little PLC, that’s what we used to program this little sequence and do the trick. It works perfectly! For more information on the board specs, see JetsonTX1_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Spec.pdf

Thanks anyway for your answer Galto2000.

Thanks for sharing your solution Annie!