Auto power on in Bootloader or PMIC?


We went to modify the power sequence which the system could power on automatically after the AC adapter was plugged in.

Currently, the system will monitor the POWER_BTN(power button) pin, after this button was press and release, the CARRIER_PWR_ON pin will be pulled high, so the system begins the booting action.

We assume that the both actions to monitor POWER_BTN pin and pull high the CARRIER_PWR_ON pin are both in bootloader, so we went to know is it possible to modify the bootloader to pull high the CARRIER_PWR_ON pin after AC adapter was plugged in maybe 500ms(??), not depend on POWER_BTN pin.

We have already referred some articles as below, because of some hardware concern, we went to try other solution.

Is it possible to be accomplished from bootloader?

Power-on Autostarth->ttps://

Jetson TX1 doesn’t want to boot up without pressing the power button ->


I’m afraid your plan can’t work logically, as bootloader won’t run before power on. And CARRIER_PWR_ON is a hardware logic signal which is not in bootloader.

Hi Trumany,

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The latest question to confirm, Is the hardware logic signal you mentioned is so-called the PMIC.


CARRIER_PWR_ON is controlled by some hardware components and is related to module power-on process (managed by PMIC).

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