TX2i Auto Power On

Hi All !
I have designed a TX2i custom carrier board in order to provide 4 GbEth.
Refer to the OEM DG, I have a 0R resistor to GND on CHARGER_PRSNT#, and left POWER_BTN# pin unconnected. But the carrier board don’t auto power on, I should pressed the RESET_IN# button to power on.
The auto power on sequence is done, RESET_OUT# & RESET_IN# pin is high.
Anyone knows about that? Thanks in advance.

For Jetson TX2i, which uses a different PMIC (and does not have the circuitry on TX2 4GB to make it compatible to TX2), the POWER_BTN# pin needs to be held high. The TX2i PMIC has a level sensitive on input, so to power automatically when the main power is applied (Auto-Power-On), all that is required is for the POWER_BTN# pin to be pulled up. Since this pin is pulled up on the module, it can be left unconnected for Auto-Power-On to be supported.

Thanks for reply
Your meaning is unconnected the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin? I have also tried but it dosn’t work.

Did you check this topic? Auto-Power-On with C02 carrier board

Is the auto-power-on OK on your dev kit? What’s the difference between your design and dev kit carrier board?

The file is my design about TX2i power up.TX2i.zip (129.1 KB)

Please follow OEM DG to implement B04 power part design on the auto-power-on function of TX2i module.