Custom cerrier board for TX2 and TX2i power on/off

I would like to design my own carrier board which able to support both TX2 and TX2i and I aware to the differences regarding the use of the power button and B48,B49 pins and the need to add some HW which identify what module type is running, but still my question is:

  • Is it possible to auto power up TX2 or TX2i (without using power button) and then to power down using SW command only ? (again no use of power button at all time)

  • and if yes,so there is no need for the additional HW or it still must?


Hi, only need to follow the dedicated chapter of auto power on in OEM DG do design. No other things needed.

Thank you for your fast response,
I am preparing my own HW design for the Jetson TX2i.
Initially i wanted to support both boards (TX2/TX2i) but this is not a must, i rather fully support the TX2i module.
That being said, i want to use a minimal HW design as possible to support the following:

  1. Use auto power on (no button)
  2. Use SW shutdown (without button and without trigering a restart)

Can it be done?
If so, what is the minimal HW design reqired?


From HW point, if only for TX2i module, please refer to chapter 4.8.2 of OEM DG, all that is required is for the POWER_BTN# pin to be pulled up. Since this pin is pulled up on the module, it can be left unconnected for Auto-Power-On to be supported. The power-on type detection and control part should be removed. For other design, you can refer to page “DC Jack” of P2597_C02 schematic.

I fully understood the first part of your answer about: “auto power” and that I should remove all HW related to “power-on type detection and control part” but i am quite confused about the last part of your answer -

what do you mean about “For other design, you can refer to page “DC Jack” of P2597_C02 schematic” ? (is this the minimal HW reqiered in order to support SW shutdown?)

The signal “MOD_VIN_EN” which enable/disable the transistor of the main power input on the “DC Jack” of P2597_C02 schematic" is first created on the “on/off controller” located in the HW which I am about to remove (the HW related to “power-on type detection and control part”)

The PMIC on TX2i is different with TX2. Even software shutdown is not possible.

So if i would like to support auto power on for TX2i(remove all HW related to “power-on type detection and control part”) [b]how can I perform a secure total shut down ?

by keep pressing the power button low for few sec , then keep holding the button and at the same time just pull out the main power cable from the wall ?