TX2i shutdown reboot

I refer P2597_C02_schematics design Carrie board, but put TX2i module shutdown will reboot, please help me.
TX2 module OK.
TX2i can’t auto power on, need push power button.

Hi, per below info from OEM DG, all you need to do is backward to original C02 design:

4.8.2 Jetson TX2i Auto-Power-On Details
For Jetson TX2i, which uses a different PMIC (and does not have the circuitry on TX2 4GB to make it compatible to TX2), the POWER_BTN# pin needs to be held high. The TX2i PMIC has a level sensitive on input, so to power automatically when the main power is applied (Auto-Power-On), all that is required is for the POWER_BTN# pin to be pulled up. Since this pin is pulled up on the module, it can be left unconnected for Auto-Power-On to be supported.

So you meaning Carrie board, No special design required, on TX2i module internal pull-up, to power automatically will on, Right!!
But put TX2i module shutdown will reboot, Do you have an answer?

As i said, you need to restore your carrier board design to same as original C02 ref design first.

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yes, I design 100% ref C02

Did you test the function on dev kit with TX2i module?

I just B04 devkit no C02 devkit, B04 devkit the problem is the same.

Note that the Auto-Power-On options described below would not work in designs that implement the “Power-on Type
Detection & Control” circuitry implemented on the P2597_C02 design is used. This circuitry is not required for systems intending to support Auto-Power-On.

Auto-Power-On is ok, I tried it out.

TX2i module shutdown will reboot, Do you have an answer?

Do you mean it will reboot if shutdown?


Are you testing the sw shutdown? TX2i module does not support sw shutdown as the PMIC does not. You can press the power button for more than 5s to shutdown system.

The TX2 4G uses the same PMIC as the TX2i. Is the problem the same?


Will there be a solution to the correction?

If want to implement sw shutdown, it needs to add external logic circuit controlled by some GPIOs to manage power-on signal. We don’t have such support, customer can make design accordingly.

Please tell me, Which set of power supplies needs to be controlled, main power or 3V/5V?

To control POWER_BTN to simulate a long press.