Jetson TX2i shutdown by cutting the power

Hello all,

According to the documentation the TX2i cannot be shutdown using software. This raises a few questions.

  • Does this mean that cutting the power is the proper way to shutdown the TX2i?
  • Will cutting the power say once every day reduce the operating life of the TX2i?
  • We had difficulties in case of a sudden powerloss using the TX2 devkit, in the sense that usb sticks sometimes became corrupt and needed to be formatted. Will this issue persist with the TX2i?

Any feedback is appreciated. I look forward to become part of this community.

Hi, yes, TX2i does not support software shutdown. But you can make a design to achieve it by long (10s) holding POWER_BTN to low.

I have a system that can cut the power to shutdown the TX2i. But my concern is that this might damage the TX2i. Also will it not just auto-power-on again after it is shutdown by holding the POWER_BTN to low?

The key points are to let power rails of carrier board shutdown more quickly than rails in module and module have enough time to run shutdown sequence. So the discharge circuit and more capacitors on VDD_IN are necessary.

Holding power button to low and release then will not trigger auto-power-on.