Improper shutdown

Hello all,

I am wondering if the jetson TX2 (with aetina carrier board) can be damaged from repetitive improper shutdown? By that I mean I pull the power plug and ubuntu doesn’t go through a proper shutdown phase. Not really sure if I need to add a backup system to make sure the TX2 shuts down properly.

Thank you for the help!


Power surges can damage most any computer. There is some stress associated with yanking the power connector when under load. If the system is shut down or not drawing much power, then odds of hardware damage goes down.

Filesystems tend to corrupt with improper shutdown. Journals may recover the filesystem and avoid corruption, but in so doing tend to lose part of the content. Whether that matters just depends on what you’ve lost.

Having some sort of backup which allows proper shutdown is a good idea. Whether you really need it I can’t say.

thank you linuxdev for the quick answer!