Jatson TX2i power off issue

We had copy P2597_C02 schematic on Page19 and Page 20 designe to our carried board. But new carried board can’t power off on TX2i module (same as auto power on state) . Can you help to recommand it?

Hi, what’s your meaning of can’t power off? By pressing power button or sw power off? What’s the difference between your design and C02 on power part?

For auto power on, you can refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1047809/jetson-tx2/auto-power-on-with-c02-carrier-board/


We put on/off controller circuit(P2597_C02) on our new carrier board with TX2i module. When we turn off the power by UBUBUNTU, the system will automatically restart. Actually, I did not apply your auto power on solution, in meanwhlie the system will still restart. Any recommendation for this bug?

Looks like design issue. Please check the OEM DG and C02 reference schematic for eliminate the gap of power part. Especially need to focus on the power button, on/off controller parts.