Jetson TX2 Developer kit new board can't auto-start on power on


I have an issue with a new TX2 Developer kit board, I can’t make works auto-start power on. I have an older board which the auto-start power on work after soldering the R313 like said at the topics :

But, with the new board, I have soldered the R313 too, but it won’t auto-start at power on. I need to push the power on button.

I have remark that the board have changed, some part of the board are different.

The old board SKU number is : 945-82771-0005-000 S
The new board SKU number is : 945-82771-0005-000 AD

How can you help me with this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your return.


Hi, please share the board P/N like xxx-x2597-xxx…


The old board P/N : 699-82597-0000-501 C
The new board P/N : 699-82597-0000-900 C

Thank you.


What’s the module you are using (TX2 or TX2i)? If TX2i, there is a little difference for auto power on function which you can find in OEM DG in DLC.

Hi Trumany,

The module that I use is TX2.

Your new board is version C02, auto power on is not supported by now. Please refer to this topic:

Ok, thank for your return Trumany.

Did you know approximately when this update will be available ?

No by now, will update when available.


Hi Trumany, I followed all the steps on the link you posted, and the Tx2 does turn on automatically, however after 40 secs it just shuts off again, have you tired these steps yourself and have seen it working?

Nevermind I got it working thanks.

@Trumany, could you provide information on where the specific resistors mentioned in that update are? It’s very difficult to hunt down the locations on the board. Specifically, for the C02, where are: R313, R501, R287, R383, R384 and Q47 pin 2 and 3?

There is an assembly drawing file in board design package which contains searchable parts location. You can find the location of them in it.

Great thank you!

Hi Trumany,

My board P/N is 945-82771-0006-000.
Can you tell me how to find the board version (is C02?) and the board design files?
The Auto-Power-On method of this board is the same as C02?

Great thank you!

Please share the p/n like x2597-xxx on carrier board.

S/N :1422719017029
699-82597-000-900 D


Yes, it is C02 board.

Hi, Trumany!
My board S/N -1425219027130, 699-82597-0000-900 E
Can you tell me how to find the board version?
And please tell me how to auto-start power on on this board
Great thank you!

Hi vasiliykharin,

Please open a new topic for the issue your met. Thanks.