Jetson TX2 block/disable auto power on after shutdown

We use Supervisor IC mode of auto power on feature. After shutting down Jetson using shutdown command the CARRIER_PWR_ON signal goes down what turns the board off. But, after a very short period of time, the board powers up again because CARRIER_PWR_ON signal goes up. What we want to achieve is that the board stays turned off until the DC power is unplugged and plugged in again.

In short, we do not want to use power switch for turning on the board, but we want to turn the board by plugging in the power cable. And of course, we do not want to automatically power up the board after shutdown.

Is it somehow possible?


Hi, is there Power Discharge part in your design? Did you measure the power down sequence and compare to that of OEM DG?

Hi dusancerhaty,

Have you managed to resolve the problem?
Any result can be shared?