Tx2 Auto-Power-On

I want to make Tx2 Auto-Power-On, and find the document “NVIDIA JETSON TX1 AND JETSON TX2 INTERFACE COMPARISON AND MIGRATION” from Nvidia Website, The page 19 in the document described as follows:

Jetson TX2 includes Auto-Power-On circuitry. This allows the platform to power on when the main power supply is connected to the carrier board without pressing the power button. This circuit is enabled by tying the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin to GND. On
the Developer Kit carrier board (P2597) this can be done by installing the 0Ω R313 near the charger control header (J27).

So I follow the Description from the document ,but When finshed the a series operatios, I find the Tx2 can not Auto-Power-On, Can you give some advice.

Hi, auto power on is supported default, no rework need. What operations did you did?

Can you give me a detailed introduction of setting auto power on? Thank you very much:)

Please find the related info in OEM DG and reference schematic in DLC.