Power on Jetson TK1 with jumper wires

Our set up has a Jetson board plugged into a battery (with a power regulating pcb and barrel jack connector) and when we cut the power (via circuit breaker), we hope to turn the power back on and have the Jetson board automatically boot up. However, that is not the case. Does anybody know of any ways to do this, perhaps jumper wires to power pins or something similar? Thanks!

So its not powering on automatically after power being turned on? There are numerous threads on this. I believe what has been said is that some capacitor is holding a charge longer than it should, and thus it doesnt power on or something.

this thread contains information on the pinout for the header panel pins (power pins/etc)

As for the information about the capacitor… Uhh. Just look around. Ill take a look for it too.