auto power on option implementation


Jetson TX1 is supporting auto power on option for powering on based on the input to the pin Charger present

while using this auto power on option do we need to connect the VIN_PWR_BAD# pin to the processor since this pin

is monitored by the supervisor for generating CHARGER_PRSNT# input so how the sequence will be ?.Is it like VDD_IN will be stable and VIN_PWR_BAD# will gow high at the som and then only it waits for CHARGER_PRSNT# pin input or Is it is like after VDD_IN has become stable we can directly power on by providing CHARGER_PRSNT# with out VIN_PWR_BAD# .please confirm

There is a dedicated section of Auto Power On, chapter 3.8, in OEM DG. Please check and follow its instruction.

I have gone through that section you have mentioned

auto power on only skips the power button input from the user remaining all will be as such am i correct

VIN_PWR_BAD# is for keeping system in off status before VDD_IN is stable.
Auto-power-on can work only if CHARGER_PRSNT# is asserted 300ms or more later after VDD_IN reach 5.5V. That’s why need to add timing control parts. This function has nothing to do with VIN_PWR_BAD#.