Carrier without detect VIN_PWR_BAD

Hi I create my own minimal carrier board.
I Assume VIN_PWR_BAD have internal PULLUP resistor tied to 5V, so i decide to ignore it.
All power pin is wired correctly, but i can’t power up jetson tx2 with POWER_BTN.

Can i really ignore VIN_PWR_BAD pin?

Hi, it has pull-up in module, what’s your meaning of ‘ignore’ it? VIN_PWR_BAD# signal is MUST for power on sequence. You can measure the sequence on your board to find out if any issue.

I just leave VIN_PWR_BAD# open/ unconnected.

So for power on, Jetson TX2 need VIN_PWR_BAD# low first then go high and push POWER_BTN to low?

VIN_PWR_BAD# is from a set of RC circuit to make a delay for VDD_IN to reach the threshold before any power on action, power button pressing is only available after that, and also it is used in power down sequence. You mean you delete the related circuit as shown in Figure 2 of OEM DG? Please check the guide for more info of it.

Yes, i delete VIN_PWR_BAD# circuit, after capacitor and so on. My bad.

Conclusion : i need ALL COMPONENTS in Figure 2 of OEM DG to power up Jetson TX2. Is that true?

The circuit is necessary for both power on and power down sequence. But if board can’t be powered up even if pressing power button after the VDD_IN is stable, then might be other issues. First you need to measure the power on sequence and compare to that in guide to see if any violation.