TX2 Development Board Not Powering Up

I’ve recently acquired an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit, and am trying to power the board from a 12V battery.
This all worked fine a few days ago, however the module is now not turning on.

After some debugging, I’ve found that the ‘POWER_BTN_R’ signal is not being driven to 5V by the module.
Looking at Figure 2, ‘Power Up Sequence’ in the ‘Jetson_TX2_Module_DataSheet_v1.1.pdf’, this is the first signal that should be driven high once the board is powered. This means that pushing the power button has no effect.
The power button is functionally okay, so it seems that the issue must be within the module.

Some other notes:

  • 'VIN_PWR_BAD' is being driven high by the board, which is expected
  • 'CR5' / 'CVM POWERED' LED is lit up when the carrier board is powered.

It seems to me that either the TX2 Module is not receiving any power at all, or the internal voltage regulator is damaged.

Has anyone had any experience with a similar issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, if VIN_PWR_BAD is being driven to 5V, then the pull-up voltage of power button should be ok, as they are from same one source. So it looks like some component on line POWER_BTN_R broken and so cause it shorted to GND.