TX2 does not start at power-on

I have a tx2-4GB module (working fine when connected to the original evaluation module), but it does not start when I connected it to my carrier module and power the system.
I think that the power-on voltage sequence could be not corrected, to check it I connected the reset_out and vin_pwr_bad to 2 pins of a raspeberry module.
Please note that the carrier is populated with jetson connector and 3.3V dc-dc converter only. The 1.8V is generated dividind the 3.3V of raspberry IO pin by 2 (resistor divider)

In this environment I simulated the sequence of power_out and vin_pwr_bad signals using a program on raspberry.
The step I followed are:

  1. reset_out and vin_pwr_bad at 0 level
  2. power on asserted 12Vdc
  3. reset_out maintained low, vin_pwr_bad set high
  4. set reset_out=1, vin_pwr_bad=1;

Under this condition
the reset_in signal is always low and the reset_out is low also (also when I set it to 3.3V to the resistor divider)
The sequence is handled pressing a key on the keyboard to go ahead (avoiding any possible timing probelm).
Additional info,

  • the power consumption is about 0.6A on 12V
  • I noted that if I power-on the system in short time after the power-off the consumption passes to 0.4A, if I waiting for long time (1 min) and than power-on the current return to 0.6A

Any suggestions?

thank you in advance
maurizio stefani

Hi, RESET_OUT should not be controlled by external device. There is a power on sequence diagram in OEM DG which should be followed strictly, you design should have some changes to reference, you can compare the checklist in OEM DG to eliminate some potential design issue. To power on system successfully, the chapter POWER in OEM DG is important reference, if you follow that well, system should be able to power on.