jetson tx22 does not exit from reset

I developed a board with jetson tx2, it maintain the reset_in and reset_out low.
I have the following environment:

  • reset_in and out not connected (just a pull-up)
  • power_bad in pull-up condition
  • power_btn pull-up
    When I apply the 12V to the module the current is 0.4A (please not that the carrier board is not populated)

reset_in and out are both to 0

Could you please help me with suggestion
maurizio stefani

Hi progsel.stefani,

I don’t know what you means by “carrier board is not populated”. The carrier board is responsible for supplying power to the module and for some of the power sequencing. The module PMIC drives RESET_IN low as part of the power sequence, so it would make sense that it would be low if the sequence didn’t complete properly. RESET_OUT is driven low when RESET_IN is low, but after the system boots, it can be driven low to reset just Tegra & the eMMC. On our carrier board we connect it to the powergood output of the 1.8V supply on the carrier board, so it would be held low until that supply is high to keep Tegra from booting too early. I would expect it to be low whenever RESET_IN is low.

Please refer to OEM DG pin descriptions for RESET_IN# and RESET_OUT#, check the basic connections in the power block diagram in the power section.

Besides, why you just have the “power_btn pulled up”? For how to configure TX2 for Auto-Power-On, please also check the OEM DG.

HI, thank you for the help,
at this moment the carrier board is populated by the jetson connector and dc-dc converter for basic voltages only.
the control pin as reset_in and reset_out are just pulled-high, the same happen for pwr_btn and power-bad, the jetson see these signals at level high immediately.
I checked the the vin_pwr_bad is high also,
the power consumption with 11V dc voltage is about 0.4A
The carrier-pwr-on sent by jetson is high enabling the dc voltages

Under these conditions the system does not boot, the file kern.log is empty (just a record written by install the jetson module installed on the original carrier board).
The module is working fine checked when conncted the the original carrier

please try to give me all suggestions you think

thank you

I simulated the changes of reset_out and vin_pwr_bad signals.

  1. reset_out and vin_pwr_bad at 0 level
  2. power on asserted 12Vdc on
  3. reset_out maintained low, vin_pwr_bad set to high
  4. set reset_out=1, vin_pwr_bad=1;

The signals are generated by a little program on raspberry, at the end of each step the program wait for the keyboard (avoiding any critical race)
At the beginning (after power-onb) the reset_in signals is low, remaining low always, reset_out is low also
the vin_power_bad signal at step 2 is 1.6V (??), raspbrry drives it low
at the step 3 vin_power_bad is high
the carrier_pwr_on is high always

someone can help me giving some suggestions?

thank you in advance
maurizio stefani

If power sequence is same to that in OEM DG, you might need to check strapping pins status, there is a dedicated chapter of strapping in design guide, please check them first to confirm the pins status on your board during power-on have no problem.