Jetson tx2 reset_out not asserting

Hi all
I have designed a carrier board for JETSON TX2 and the main purpose of board is PCIe interface between XILINX ULTRASCALE device and JETSON module. All the guide lines are followed and schematics are adopted from the development kit. Interfaces that I am using in carrier board are PCIE,UART,HDMI,USB,1G ethernet and micro USB. A 5 to 12v boost convertor (LM3481) is being used in carrier board for JETSON module power supply.
Problems that I am facing :

  1. Vin power bad, Power on botton, carrier power(from jetson) are getting asserted properly, but reset_out is always in low. As per schematics reset out is connected to 1.8v power good signal means it is a input signal to jetson module and OEM design guide tells it is a bidirectional it will be asserted once all the power sequence is correct. (doubt reset out has to be given to jetson or jetson will give us the reset out)
  2. Even though I am forcing reset out by connecting the carrier board 1.8v pin through a series resistor around 1.3v drop is happening across the 500ohm resistor mean reset out is in low.
  3. Once power button on a 6.5W power is drawn by the module is observed from power supply does that mean module is booted, because all the interfaces are not working expect 1G ethernet link is active. Unfortunately UART0 is not adapted in carrier board so initial boot messages are also not available.
    So, how to know that jetson tx2 is booted properly in my board.
    Thank you.

Hi, during power on, RESET_OUT is an input to module to hold the tegra until 1.8v is good and so to guarantee the power sequence is correct. So you should check why it is held low, is it held by pgood or other signal? It has internal pull-up and should not be forced to be high. There should be some information output to indicate system is on, not sure about your design on that. Is there a display of power on system since no UART output?

Thank you @Trumany for the response
Yes UART0 is not there in the carrier board for initial debug options.
I observed that RESET IN signal is high in development kit when it is booted but, in my carrier board RESET IN is always low.
Any suggestions.
Thank you

There is a checklist table in product design guide, you can refer to that to check the items of your design one by one. Also you can compare your design to devkit carrier board schematic to find out the difference and try to eliminate it.