Jetson TX2 power on normally, but can't boot up

We design our own carrier board, the board can power on normally, but can’t boot up, the UART interface does not have any output information.

And we have confirm RESET_IN_L, this input signal is normal,
CARRIER_PWR_ON and CARRIER_STBY, the two output signal is normal.

Can you tell me any other part we should double check?

Hi, what’s the module you tested with, TX2/TX2i/TX2 4GB, and are you following B04 or C02 reference design ? Is CARRIER_PWR_ON de-asserted successfully? Is there any change on strapping pins design which might affect pin status during power on? There is a little difference on strapping setting of TX2/TX2i module, you can check OEM DG for that.

Hi, can i sent my SCH to you, and you help check the SCH, thanks

Generally we don’t have such bandwidth to review SCH for JEP customer, please follow above suggestions and the checklist sheet in OEM DG to check your design first.

Hi, thanks for your reply, and I have checked the OEM DG.

If JTAG_GP0 is floating, is there a problem?

That’s OK.