Jetson Tx2 Hardware question

1、RESET_OUT is described as Bidir,Iwant to know when as input and when as output.
2、About the power down problem, VIN_PWR_BAD# detected that VDD_IN was driven when the power down by 20%. According to the datasheet, 20% refer to whether lowest voltage (20% of 5.5v), or current voltage input?
3、How Jetson TX2 get into sleep mode by hardware?

Hi, RESET_OUT can be used to control signals on carrier board, and also can be from carrier board to module to reset Tegra chip.

The drop is to current VDD_IN.

Seems this hardware sleep function is not ready yet.

Thank your answer!
I did an experiment, The VDD_IN voltage began to drop from 12V, but it was found that it did not power down when drop to 20% of VDD_IN. and it did not power down until it dropped to about 4.8v.
Jetson TX2 cannot get into sleep by hardware? but I find sleep pin in Jetson TX2’datesheet
I have new question.
Jetson Tx2 has two ways about Jetson power down(Uncontrolled Power Removal Case and Controlled) ,our production can realize both two ways.Which ways is beterr? Uncontrolled Power Removal Case Whether cause Blue screen or Black screen

Are you testing on devkit or custom board? You should do this test by removal VDD_IN and scope VDD_IN and VIN_PWR_BAD# to show the timing.

Which pin is it? There are sleep pins for some IO ports not for system.

Uncontrolled way is for power supply removal, customer should not take it as usual way.

Hi Trumany:
Thanks your answer!
I test on devkit
pin E2.this pin describle as:Sleep Request to the module from the carrier board. A pull-up is present on the module.
and B48 is describled SYS_WAKE,How use pin E2 and pin B48?
Our production add AC-DC Power module I am thinking how power up and power down? I I can control AC-DC power’ON or I have two ways about power up and power down .Do you have some recommend?

Pin E2 is not used in fact, pin B48 is only for TX2i module.

That’s OK to use ON of AC/DC to enable power supply. You can use power button to power off system, or just use OFF of AC/DC if no other possible ways.

I have a similar question regarding A47 RESET_IN. As Liang mentions for A46 and A47 (RESET_OUT and RESET_IN) it is labelled as bidirectional.
Can you give details on how to force this to be an output in software and then control its state from software (preferably from userspace)?

Going through pinmux sheet, its not a pin that has a GPIO context so I don’t believe I can easily set it that way.

hello chris.fadeley,

suggest to check Topic 1029697 and Topic 1030443 for reference to have software implementation for GPIOs, thanks

I developed a board with jetson tx2, it maintain the reset_in and reset_out low.
I have the following environment:

  • reset_in and out not connected (just a pull-up)
  • power_bad in pull-up condition
  • power_btn pull-up
    When I apply the 12V to the module the current is 0.4A (please not that the carrier board is not populated)

Could you please help me with suggestion
maurizio stefani

Hi, it is hard to get root cause based on your description. The most important thing for a custom design is to follow power part design of OEM DG and reference schematic, also there is a checklist in the latter of OEM DG which can help to locate design issue.