TX2 power sequence


TX2 power sequence we measured have some difference with datasheet, due to datasheet haven't define the max. and min., we want to make sure the sequence is OK, please help check the test result as below : 

( Our schematic design is Vin 19V → BUCK → 12V (to TX2))

Power Up:
[ T1-2 ] VDD_IN On (V_TX2_12V) to POWER_BTN# Pull-up (PMIC) active
Specification : 8.8ms
Measurement : 2.86ms

[ T2-3 ] VDD_IN On to VIN_PWR_BAD# inactive
Specification : 54ms
Measurement : 36.2ms

[ T6-7 ] CARRIER_PWR_ON active to Carrier Board System Power Enabled
Specification : 6.6ms
Measurement : 3.16ms

[ T6-8 ] CARRIER_PWR_ON to On-Module PMIC Reset Inactive
Specification : 77.4ms
Measurement : 66ms

Power Down:
[ T1-2 ] RESET_OUT# active to CARRIER_PWR_ON inactive
Specification : 3.76ms
Measurement : 814us

[ T2-3 ] CARRIER_PWR_ON inactive to carrier board system power off
Specification : 0.46ms
Measurement : 0.16ms

Hi chanah,

Basically the sequence you list are OK. Did you measure the sequence of same module on dev kit carrier board?

Got it, and we don’t have dev kit carrier board at hand…