TX2 module seems not working with own designed carrier board

I’ve designed one carrier board for TX2, following the OEM design guide.
To meet our requirement, we need to enable the “Auto Power On” feature. That means we don’t use power button to power up the board.

I’ve followed the official TX2 development kit schematic. My external input voltage is DC 24V, to meet the requirement, I have one DCDC converter on my carrier board, to generate 19V input as “main power supply”. I measured each voltage output, 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V are all fine, however, checking the current consumption from 24V DC power supply, it only gives 0.05A, which tells me TX2 module most probably not working?

Is there any suggestion to debug issue? I’ve check the power up sequence - Power Up Sequence – Auto-Power-On, everything should be following the requirement.

BTW, the TX2 module is brand new from our vendor.

1). when mounting the “non-working” TX2 module on Nvidia carrier board, it can go to recovery mode, by checking lsusb.
2). connect the Nvidia carrier board to DC 19V power supply, when entering into recovery mode, the current says 0.09A

So my issue on own carrier board turns to failed to enter into recovery mode. I have one reset button and one recovery button. Following the instructions, it fails.

Hi, you might need to check the status of strapping pins which you can refer to chapter Strapping Pins for detail. Do not change their default status. Also there is a chapter of Design Checklist in OEM DG, you can check the items based on that.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve checked the strapping according to the guide. Now the hardware is done as their default status.
So SLEEP#(E2), UART0_RTS(G11), UART1_TX(D9), UART7_TX(D8), UART3_TX(H10), UART3_RTS(G10) are all left open. Is this OK for TX2?

Is there any other way to check if the new shipped TX2 module in recovery mode? Thanks.

Best regards,

Leaving unconnected is OK. If module is in recovery mode, you should be able to see the device on host. Per your info (1). when mounting the “non-working” TX2 module on Nvidia carrier board, it can go to recovery mode, by checking lsusb.), the module can enter recovery mode on dev kit carrier board. You mean you can’t see the recovery device with custom carrier board, right? It looks like your custom board has some problems. Did you check the Design Checklist in OEM DG?

After checking the hardware design carefully, I noticed that JTAG signal JTAG_AP_TRST_L was not well handled and TX2 was in abnormal state. After correction, TX2 was booting up.