TX2 5V power line short circuit

Hi, my Jetson TX2 development kit turned off suddenly when I was installing PyTorch. After the event, the Jetson refuses to turn on. When I press and hold the power button, the power led (CR5) turns on for 2 sec then offs, no display ouput. I can’t get into forced-recovery mode either.
I checked system power supplies with the board schematics and realized that the 5V power line is shorted to GND. What is causing the problem? Any idea?

Highly suspect some on board component broken, if you have good knowledge on debugging from HW you can try removing suspected components one by one to locate issue point, otherwise RMA is necessary.

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Go here and look for “carrier board” to find TX2 design files and schematics:

Most likely it is a carrier board issue and the module is ok. Schematics might help.

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Alright, thanks a lot. I will contact the reseller to seek for RMA option first before debugging. I am afraid if I will void the product’s warranty by doing some soldering on the carrier board.