TX2 Power Up Sequence Verification with TX2 main 1.8v signal

Hi, We built a carrier board and would like to verify its power up sequence by scoping signals.

Regarding the “Figure 3 Power Up Sequence” on page 11 of the “Jetson TX2 OEM Product Design Guide”, how can you capture the signal of “TX2 System Power (Main 1.8V rail most IF pins are associated with)”? As the figure shows, this signal should come up after VIN_PWR_BAD# goes high and after power button is pressed.

On the “Figure 6” for power-down sequence, it indicates to probe the USB0_OTG_ID pin to monitor the voltage drop. Is this OTG_ID the same signal for the above? However, we see it starts to ramping up right after the VIN_PWR_BAD# goes high. If our observation is right, this should be a different signal. Or is our observation not accurate?


Hi, the CARRIER_PWR_ON going high correctly can indicate the TX2 System Power is correct, no need/place to scope it. USB0_OTG_ID is used to check the state of internal PMIC supply level, not the system power.

Thank you, Trumany.