1. Is there any power up sequence to the Jetson TX2? Or it has default mode and I just need to give it power?
  2. Does pin B37 need to get 5 volt?
  3. Can H10,G10,D9 (Boot select), Pin E1(FORCE_RECOV#), E2(nSleep), Pin A7(CHARGING#) be floating?


Hi, there is power sequence figure in OEM DG for your reference. Pin B37 is for vbus detection, will be pulled to 5V when USB device plug in. All pins you mentioned can be floating on carrier board.

Hi Trumany,

Thank you for your answer.

I have few more questions.

We want to use only the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet and SD - so we need only the 5V and 3.3V (not the 1.8V circuit).

Can you please help understand if for our use (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet and SD) we need the below?

  2. RESET_OUT (if we don’t need the RESET_OUT I guess we don’t need also ‘U9’ as for we’re not using the 1.8v)

I hope my question was clear and many thanks for your help.


1.8V and U9 are not must, but when you make new design, basically all signals in power up sequence should be kept and no violation. Please refer to figure 3 in OEM DG, every signal in it should NOT be reduced.

Hello Trumany,

Thank you for all the answers.

I have few more questions.

I look at the schematics P2597-B04 (Jetson TX1/TX2) and I don’t understand few things.

I can see the net ‘RESET_OUT_L’ as an output from U9 (pin 9, PGOOD) and also from U32 (pin 1, RST*). I can see written on U32 ‘NO STUFF’. So is the ‘RESET_OUT_L’ only from U9?
If the ‘RESET_OUT_L’ also from U32, can you please explain what is the use of U32?

U32 is originally used to monitor VDD_1V8, if voltage drops below the threshold, then RESET is asserted.

Hello Trumany,

Thanks for all the answers. I have another question.

In the schematics of the Jetson TX2, in ‘19V Jack’ regard the MOSFET Q30 which in the BOM I can see this p/n: MDV3604URH - can I use these p/n’s instead:


You need to compare their characters. We don’t have more info about this can be shared.