About the Module Design

When I Design the circuits for the TX1 module. I have some questions.
1、About Power Sequence: Does I just need to power up the VDD_IN and then pull up the VIN_PWR_BAD#,If I don’t use another signal such as Reset_OUT,Carrier_PWR_ON and so on.
2、About the GPIOs:the module give us 20 GPIOs,but I want to know whether these GPIOs can be configured PD\PU and so on.Except that ,does it can be change directions?

For power sequence, no need to control VIN_PWR_BAD#, it will rise up a while after VDD_IN power on. RESET_OUT and CARRIER_PWR_ON are also generated automatically. These signals are must for system.

GPIOs can be set to PD or PU and also can be input or output.

Does VIN_PWR_BAD# a Input Signal?

It is a indicated input signal to module to turn on power rail output.

So it is a input signal ,according to the power sequence ,I must give VIN_PWR_BAD# a high level.
But you said it can be change high automatic And I can’t give it a high signal.


It will auto rise up, no need to pull up it manually. Please check schematic to find this part circuit, you will understand then.

OK!And Another Question, Does I must keep the module power up first and then power up the carrier board power? Or can I Power Up the module and carrier board power synchronous.
Does it has a strict Power Sequence?

Power up module first is must, the power sequence in OEM DG should be totally followed, you can check OEM DG first.