Jetson TX2 Anatel wireless certification

on page 3 of the “JETSON TX1 AND JETSON TX2 OEM WIRELESS COMPLIANCE GUIDE” there is a list of available wifi certificats for the Jetson TX2. There is no entry for the Anatel Certificate required in Brazil. Does that mean that the wifi can not be used in Brazil?


Yes, confirmed TX1/TX2 cannot be used at Brazil as TX1/TX2 are not approved Anatel.

Thank you for the clarification @kayccc

We would really need Anatel certification for our devices though. Is there any experience or documentation available regarding the certification process. Did Nvidia try the certification process and failed or was it just not economically viable?
Are there any tools/scripts to put the WiFi module into the different operation modes required for this ( or a similar ) certification process?


I don’t know that, but can check with our internal team again.
Please wait for my update.


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