Wi-Fi Certification and Testing

Hi All,

After researching the Jetson TX1 SoM, I see that there are no Wi-Fi antennas included but instead a pair of IPEX connectors is provided.

I was curious about Wi-Fi certification / testing, and did some searching in the TX1 OEM developers guide. I haven’t seen any notes about Wi-Fi certification and testing. Is this something that TX1 integrators are expected to perform, or is this something that has been done by nVidia for the Jetson TX1?

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I can’t answer your question, but I believe certification changes in different countries or parts of the world. One point of slowing distribution to other parts of the world would be the need for different firmware for each area, along with compliance testing for the different firmware in the different parts of the world. It may be of use to state which part of the world you are interested in.


You’re correct. The WiFi bands and powers are different across geographies. I’m interested for use in USA only but Europe in the future.


this comes as printed book with kit and kit does include two rather nice ipex -> rp sma mount/antenna
the notice of certification is at the end.