Tools for control WIFI to fix frequency in certification test

Dear Nvidia Friends:
May I know where I can get the tools to fix WIFI frequency? We need it for CE and SRRC certification test,thanks a lot!


We cannot provide tools to modify those setting in WIFI chip, since we’ve already passed the certification. You can only follow the rules in wireless compliance guide.

May I ask what do you mean “fix WIFI frequency”?

I saw in the guide that for China SRRC ,the certification is with “M”,means that we can not reuse the certification for the module ,but need to pass the certification with our product ,so the tool for WIFI setting updated is mandatory ,would you please help to provide it ?

Thanks a lot for your support!

And fix frequency means that we need RF Test Tool for WIFI so that we can set the frequency and TX channel for WIFI test ,thanks a lot!

Need to check the availability of the tools internally. I’ll update it once get some feedback.


If you are in China, please contact that 2 labs listed in our document, they will help you conduct the test.

I have same problem in Israel to conduct permissive change for antenna replacement from FCC


Do you want to pass the FCC in Israel?

I only need to perform the tests in Israel, the submission shall be off coarse in US


We do not provide the tools. Please use the same antenna as the one we have used for our certification. Otherwise, maybe you need to contact Cypress for this.