Jetson Tx2 Rx connecting to CSI-2 Camera

Hello, I am trying to connect a CSI-2 Camera Module to the Jetson Tx2 Rx module. The Jetson Tx2 Rx module has ports (relevant to CSI Camera Module :


whereas the module I want to connect has the following

TXDO_P (pin 21S on reference sheet)
TXD0_N (20S)
TXD1_P (18S)
TXD1_N (17S)
TXD2_P (15S)
TXD2_N (14S)
TXD3_P (12S)
TXD3_N (11S)

there is a discrepancy how do I resolve this?

Please refer to p172 of the following pdf document to see the output pins of the camera I am referencing :

Alvium CSI-2 Cameras User Guide V2.5.1 (

What is this “Jetson TX2 RX” module? Is it official module? If so, please refer to the module datasheet, TX2 product design guide and devkit schematic P2597 in DLC. There are clear CSI design guide and example in them.

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