Jetson TX2i requirements

Hello everyone,
I’ve recently started an internship where I have to convert an RC vehicle into an autonomous vehicle, we have started phase 1 where the vehicle must be fit with a camera and be controlled remotely with a Logitech G920 steering set, for this, I have been granted a Jetson TX2i and other hardware, I’m very new with the computing and electric part of this so I wondered if you guys could help me.
From what I understand, to be able to control the car I will need a PWM, connected to the Jetson, I was thinking of powering the PWM with the Jetson itself as it contains 5V power outlets which theoretically should be enough, however I’m unsure how I must power the Jetson itself, I’ve been suggested using a LiPo battery for this task and I see the Jetson is rated for 19V max, do I need a power supply unit? Or would connecting a battery straight away work just fine? I’ve also been suggested a power bank connected by USB. In the case of LiPo batteries, what is the current rating I have to look for?

Thanks in advance guys!!

Hi, for custom design, please refer to the module datasheet and TX2 series product design guide in DLC. The specification and rules are included in the docs.

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