Powering Jetson TX2 using 12 V battery

Hello everyone

For a robot, how can we power up Jetson TX2 developer kit using 12 V battery. For our robot, we have two 12, 20AH batteries. Apparently, the kit needs 19V.

12V works, but this must be quite stable. If your batteries are powering anything else, then I’d expect slight instabilities during boot to be an issue. If you used voltage regulator to isolate the power, the it would probably work at 12V. You might as well run a boost to 19V anyway though (I think this might be slightly more efficient than lower voltages, not sure) if you have not added regulation yet.

Thank you for the reply. Is there a more detailed guide from Nvidia with recommended parts. We are planing to stop using Intel NUCs and move to Jetson TX2. As the board is pitched to be made for the mobile robots which usually run at 12V or 24V batteries (like ours with 100kg payload). So we thought, Nvidia would have some clear guidelines on how to run the TX2 boards inside a mobile robot. People did talk about these boost converters (as you also suggested) but our perception was that some detailed guide also be provided by Nvidia. Apparently, it is a problem for every one running Li ion or lead acid batteries.

The TX2 documents are here (you probably have to go there, log in, and then click the link again):

Some of the specs are of course part of the carrier board, and so if you have a third party carrier board, then the manufacturer will publish its own specs.