Jetson Xavier Developer Kit very high temperature GPU

We are using Jetson Xavier DevKit in one real application for fare system. We use maximum 6 cameras for our application and recognize type of cars and goverment numbers on cars.
And we have problem with high temperature for GPU (about 90 degree) and ambient temperature in cabinet about 20 degree right now.
We are worried because we are waiting about 30 degree in our cabinet in summer time.
Could you hepl us, how we can solve this problem, and decrease temperature. How we can find why we have so high temperature?

Hi @r.gimazetdinov, did you try controlling the fan speed on the devkit? You can set it using the jetson-stats tools or check how the jetson_clocks script does it. You could also change the power mode with nvpmodel tool.

If possible, you may want to add additional ventilation to your cabinet (or forced-air with fans). Alternatively, check these production AGX Xavier systems/enclosures:

ConnectTech also makes a liquid-cooled block for AGX Xavier module:

Hello Dusty_nv, thank you for your support.
We checked how work fan speed and it is work always 100%. What does mean power mode? Do you mean for PWM fan speed?
Unfortunately additional ventilation for cabinet will not help to us, because we have same temperature inside and outside of cabinete, we have problem that embient temperature is not high (about 20), but GPU temperature is high.
Maybe do you know any reason why we got this situation?

Sorry, could you help me with this issue? Maybe you say which dirrection I can go to find solution?

@r.gimazetdinov the power modes are combinations of settings to place your device under a specific power configuration. Please see the power modes pre-defined in L4T.

Please keep in mind that you are also able to set up a custom power mode. The instructions on how to do so are in the link above.

For further information about how thermal management takes place, please see the link below: