Fan always on

We’re experiencing a problem with one of our Jetson Xavier devices.
The fan turns ON during booting and stays turned ON indefinitely.

When calling ‘ --show’ after booting the fan speed is shown as 0:
$ sudo ./ --show
Fan: speed=0
However the fan is turned ON.

After calling (without “–show”)
$ sudo ./
the fan turns OFF and the fan speed is shown as 255.

The default power mode was:
$ nvpmodel -q
NV Power Mode: MODE_15W

The behavior is the same if another power mode is chosen (e.g. 0).
All of the Xaviers have been flashed using the Installer.

This particular XAVIER also has issues with the PCI Interface -> :

Any suggestions? Right now we think it may be an hardware issue on the XAVIER

Hi Markstein,

If that’s the board issue, please go through RMA process:


This sounds more like a hardware issue.

How about running app? Would high temperature trigger fan to run or stop?

for my case, cooling pan does not work from the beginning of xavier booting.
I’ve never seen the pan working.
But after “sudo ./”, it works. any reason for this?,

The fan should run if the weighted average of 3 thermal zone >50C.

Please share the result of below nodes.

I got 28000 for GPU and 28500 for CPU.

Dear WayneWWW.

I saw that the fan ran when > 50C using “~/tegrastats”.

I doubt if this issue is related. Could you check it on your side?