How to turn on jetson agx xavier's fan


Jetson Xavier is overheating and I want to turn on the fan
but the fan does not turn on even when the power mode is set to 0.

How do I turn on the fan?

hello chulsub0727,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working on?
you may see-also developer guide, Fan Profile Control. it’s nvfancontrol to manages the fan speeds on the latest release version.

thank you for reply

version is 5.0.1 DP

I checked the document
What command do I need to change to cool mode?

hello chulsub0727,

please update FAN_DEFAULT_PROFILE as cool in the configuration file /etc/nvfancontrol.conf.
you may stop/re-start the nvfancontrol systemd service to apply the change, thanks

thank you! I resolved!

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