Jetson_Xavier_NX_GPIO08 is FAN_TACH and SD card detect , I need the two function

I need FAN_TACH and SD card detect, I don’t know to implement two function in the pin GPIO08,Can I change one GPIO or combine the schematic

You need to change one of the GPIO to another and also modify the device tree and pinmux.$product,jetson_xavier_nx

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Which GPIO are you suggesting?
change which one FAN_TACH or SD card detect to GPIO

There is no limitation. You could change the cd_gpio (sdcard) to other gpios that are not in use.

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Hi 295839633,

To enable sdcard slot on sdmmc3, please make sure similar properties from sdmmc1 are present.

             mmc-ocr-mask = <0x0>;
             cd-gpios = <&tegra_main_gpio TEGRA194_MAIN_GPIO(G, 7) 0>;
             mmc-ocr-mask = <0>;
             vmmc-supply = <&p3668_vdd_sdmmc1_sw>;  //you need to use the correct regulator from your carrier board
             status = "okay";

Hi Wayne

Thank you. I’ve detect sd-card successfully.

hi,could you share some steps to change the io?


I think the DT patches here should be sufficient. What steps do you need?

I have enabled the SDMMC3 too,thank you

Hi suen, how do you enable the sdmmc3



Where exactly do we need to make these changes?

Download the kernel source from website.

Build the kernel from your host.

Refer to more documents from the DLC.

Do we need to generate the pinmux files? I dont see the option to select GPIO08 as SDMMC3_CD

There is no special function pin called “SDMMC3_CD”. It is just a GPIO.

Hi @WayneWWW ,

How do i specify the enable pin for the SDMMC3 interface? I have it connected to GPIO3 in my carrier board.


Hi haoye94,

Please help to open a new topic with more details if it’s still an issue. Thanks